Weekly Specials good 1/25-1/28/2023 or while supplies last!

 Hello Everyone!

This week brings us great specials on Jacobs own products!  When people ask me why we've been around for the last 77 years, I am usually quick to point out our Natural Casing Wieners!  We have been making them the same way since my grandpa and his brother started Jacobs Meat Market back in 1945.  They are on sale this week along with Jacobs own Ring Liver Sausage and Jacobs own Buffalo-style Chicken Brats.  We have a great price, also, on Icelandic Haddock, New Zeeland Lamb Shanks, Bacon-wrapped London Broils, Pork Butts and Door County Cherry Marinated Boneless Chicken Breasts!  

A homeless man, down on his luck, went into a church that was known for its rather “uppity” social reputation. Spotting the man’s dirty clothes, the ushers stopped him outside the church door and asked if he needed help. The man told them, “I was praying and the Lord told me to come to this church.”
The ushers suggested that the man go away and pray some more and me might get a different answer.The following Sunday the man returned and the ushers again stopped him at the door.
“Well, did you get a different answer?” they asked him.
“Yes, I did,” said the man. “I told the Lord that you don’t want me here, but the Lord said, ‘Keep trying, son. I’ve been trying to get into that church for years and I haven’t made it yet either.”