Specials good 9/21-9/24/2016 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!!

This week brings some great specials!  Some flavors of the old world, some great-American specials, and
 some stranger ones as well.  As for the "Old World" flavors, we have our Smoked Kielbasa, which CAN'T be beat!  Just came out of the smokehouse Wednesday, and we have some more coming out Thursday and Friday as well!  The Great-American specials would be Bone-in Pork Chops (Regular-cut, Stuffed, or Thick-cut Griller Chops), Arm-cut Chuck Roasts and Frozen Stewing Hens.  The Stranger ones would be the Gummi Bear Brats, and the Jamaican Brats with dehydrated Mango, Pineapple, and Papayas.

How does a butcher introduce his wife?
Meat Patty!
My grandpa was a Knight!  His name was Sir Loin!
If a butcher is 6' tall, wears size 12 shoes, and a waist size of 32, what does he weigh?  Meat!

A woman walked into the store the other day just before closing time and asked, "Do you have any whole chickens?"
I looked in the back cooler and noticed we only had 1 left.  I put it on the scale and it weighed 2lbs.
She said she was looking for something larger, so I brought the chicken in the back and brought the same one back out, but this time, I put my trusty thumb on the scale as well.  Now the 2lb chicken weighed
3 1/2lbs!
"That's great," she said, "I'll take them both!"