Specials good 6/3-6/6/2015 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!

Well, looks like a great, comfortable week to get the grill out and smell the neighborhood up!  From Pork
Steaks to Smoked Polish Sausages and Chicken Tenders to the Brats of the Week (Sriracha & Onion (HOT HOT HOT) & Chicken Fajita Brats) we have lots of great stuff on sale!  This week, however, we have such a great deal on Fresh Wild Gulf of Mexico Jumbo Shrimp...just $12.99lb!  Great boiled or grilled and a great size!  Come get them before you miss the boat!

A platypus walks into a bar and tells the bartender,"Got any shrimp?"
The bartender says ,"No, now go away!.
"The platypus walks in to the bar again and says, "Got any shrimp?"
The bartender says,"No and if you ask me that one more time I'll staple your webbed feet into the floor!"
The platypus walks into the bar again and says,"Do you have any staples?"
And the bartender says,"No."
Then the platypus says,"Got any shrimp?"

I'll try harder next time!!