Specials good 10/22-10/25/2014 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!

Well, this week we have some great specials including our Natural Casing Wieners, Taco Brats, Apple-
Cinnamon Breakfast Links, Cajun Andouille and Smoked Braunschweiger that we make and smoke right here on the premises!  Along with the Wieners, we have Fresh Jumbo Yellow Lake Perch from Lake Erie, Lean & Meaty Pork Steaks, and Clark Gable Roasts.  The Clark Gable Roasts, since everyone will ask what it is, is a Beef Tenderloin and a Boneless Pork Loin Roast tied together!  They are excellent combination roasts that you cook with the pork side up for around 25 minutes per pound. You can also make great gravy with the drippings.  It's said that it was his (Clark Gable) favorite roast.

Bob Smith was sick of his job and was determined to find work elsewhere. But no matter how hard he tried, his reputation as someone who was not dedicated to the job, seemed to follow him around. One day the phone rang at his office. Although Bob did not usually pick up the phone, he picked it up and said hello. “Hi” said the man on the line, “I have an unusual question to ask you, I’m looking into a fellow Bob Smith for a position in my company. Do you know this fellow?” “Sure I know him”, responded Bob with a smile. “Tell me,” asked the man. “Is he consistent with his work? Does he always show up on time?” “Well I’ll be honest with you” Bob truthfully replied, “I’m not so consistent myself, but whenever I’m here he’s here!”