Specials good 7/16-7/19/2014 or while supplies last


This week we have great specials from Steak to Ribs to Fish!  We have our Natural Angus Sirloins for just
$8.69lb, our Old Fashion Spare Ribs (Great for spare ribs and Kraut) and Frozen Wild Swordfish for $9.99lb this week only!  Our Meatloaf is a family-favorite of ours!  All you have to do is put a couple strips of Jacobs-own Bacon on the top, and you're all set to put it in the oven!  Lastly, we have Sweet Corn from Indiana.  The ears are in mid-season form and selling really well!

Three blonde men are stranded on an island.  Suddenly, a lamp appears on the beach and, naturally, they rub it and a Genie appears.  He offers to grant them each one wish.
The first blonde asks to be intelligent.  Instantly, he is turned from a blonde to a brown-haired man and swims off the island.
The next one asks to be even more intelligent than the first, so he is turned into a black-haired man.  The black-haired man builds a boat and sails off the island.
The third blonde asks to become the most intelligent of the three.  The Genie turns him into a woman, and she walks across the bridge.

(This joke can also be turned the other way around if you don't want to offend the opposite sex) :)