Specials good 5/21-5/24/2014 or while supplies last

Hello Everyone!

Happy Memorial Week!!  This week's specials include some of our famous items...Fresh, Extra Lean
Ground Chuck, Baby Back Ribs, Beef Brats, Potato Salad, etc.  This week I will be focusing on the California Tri Tip that we have on sale as well for just $5.49lb.  The Tri Tip is off of the bottom part of the Sirloin and is tender and flavorful.  To prepare, you just put it fat-side up on top of an aluminum foil "boat" on the grill and let it cook for about 45 minutes on a low-medium indirect heat.  It is the size of a roast, but tastes like a steak!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

E-MAIL SPECIAL---Anyone with a valid Military ID will get an additional 10% OFF of their purchase as a "Thank You" for your service!  You do, however, have to mention this at the time of purchase to get it.

A young naval student was being put through the paces by an old sea captain.
"What would you do if a sudden storm sprang up on the starboard?"
"Throw out an anchor, sir," the student replied.
"What would you do if another storm sprang up aft?"
"Throw out another anchor, sir."
"And if another terrific storm sprang up forward, what would you do then?" asked the captain.
"Throw out another anchor, sir."
"Hold on," said the captain. "Where are you getting all those anchors from?"
"From the same place you're getting your storms, sir."