Specials good 9/4-9/7/2013 or while supplies last

Hello everyone!

Well, this week brings a little cooler weather (remember it's all relative!).  With the cooler weather, brings
specials that are great baked or slow-cookered ;).  The Roasting Chickens that we are getting ON FRIDAY, are great!  We bought them from the same guy last year, and got a LOT of compliments on them! They're from Winchester, Wisconsin, which is near Winneconne.  They are a free-range Chicken and weigh around 10-14lbs each!!  People liked that the product was raised in the area and the great flavor is an added bonus!  This week also brings our famous Ground Chuck sale.  Homemade sausages on special this week include Potato Sausage (similar to a hash), Fresh Polish (similar to a garlic brat) and Chicken Brats (1/3 the fat of regular Pork Brats).

Joe walked into the doctor's office and the doctor checked him over.  The doctor said, "Joe, you're in perfect health...your Blood Pressure is great.  Your Blood Sugar is great.  Your weight is great.  And on and on and on.  I'll see you again in a year!"
Joe says, "Great!" and walks out the doctor's office.
He gets to the street and falls over dead!
The receptionist sees him fall and runs over to see if he's alive, to find out he's dead!  She runs back in and tells the doctor that Joe's dead.
Doctor says, "Well turn him around so it looks like he was just coming in, not going out!"