Specials good 5/15-5/18/2013 or while supplies last

Hello Everyone!

This week's specials feature some great sausages as well as some "Summer-time" favorites.  We have our
 Taco Brats and Chili Cheese Brats for just $3.29lb as well as our Potato Sausage (1/2 Potatoes, 1/2 Pork...similar to a Hash...Great for breakfast with Eggs), and Pork Steaks (great on the grill or in any casserole).  This week I'd like to talk about our Ring Bologna.  I think people a pre-conceived notion that Ring Bologna isn't good, because "they had it growing up" and were forced to eat it...and "it's filled with fillers"...and "it's all the same."  Well, those notions simply aren't true!  Yes, the Ring Bologna that we make here at Jacobs is the same recipe used back when my grandfather and his brother started back in 1945...but, if you can think back to those times, people took pride in what they made and used only the finest ingredients...that's what we continue to do today.  We use the best spices with the finest meats and casings and make the best Ring Bologna around!  Ours comes in Plain or Garlic.  Come on in and try a little sample of it before you buy it...I can guarantee that you won't have the same thoughts about it after you eat it.  I cook it by layering a bag of sauerkraut with the juice, then putting the Ring Bologna on top in a frying pan and letting it simmer until it's heated all the way through. 

In a Detroit church last Sunday morning, the preacher said "Anyone with ‘special needs’ who wants to be prayed over, please come forward to the front by the altar."
With that, Leroy got in line, and when it was his turn, the preacher asked, "Leroy, what do you want me to pray about for you?"
Leroy replied, "Preacher, I need you to pray for help with my hearing."
The preacher put one finger of one hand in Leroy's ear, placed his other hand on top of Leroy's head, and then prayed and prayed and prayed. He prayed a "blue streak" for Leroy, and the whole congregation joined in with great enthusiasm.
After a few moments, the preacher removed his hands, stood back and asked, "Leroy, how is your hearing now?"
Leroy answered, "I don't know. It ain't 'til Thursday!"