Weekly Specials Good June 5 to June 8 While Supplies Last

Happy Wednesday and Happy June, Everyone! If you remember my note from last week, you'll recall that I warned you June was right around the corner. And here we are, just as predicted, with warmer temps and a bit of rain. If you're not a fan of water falling from the sky, have no fear. The clouds are obligated to disperse whenever anyone in the Fox River Valley fires up an outdoor grill with the intention of cookin' up something delicious purchased from Jacobs Meat Market. It's in the contract. If you run into a cloud in breach of this contract, you be sure to let me know.

And if you're looking for delicious items, look no further than this week's specials! We're featuring Fresh All Natural Chicken Tenders, Wisconsin Longhorn Colby, Easy-Peasy Pre-Cooked Meatballs, a Boneless Pork Sale (both roasts and chops), USDA Choice Sirloin Tip Roast, and Frozen Beef Marrow Bones!

For Brats of the Week we're offering Jacobs Own Hawaiian Brats and Jacobs Own Chicken Brats! Aloha deliciousness!

The Jacobs Meat Market Annual Company Picnic took place this past Sunday at the Timber Rattlers game. The weather was perfect and as far as I could tell, everyone had a terrific time - expect perhaps the T-Rats themselves as they couldn't quite eke out a win. No matter, they kept the game entertaining and exciting right up to the last out at the bottom of the ninth. It was great to run in to many of you at the game. We should do that more often!

In the meantime, stop by the meat market when you have a chance. We'd love to see you and share a joke or ten!

These specials are valid today, Wednesday, June 5th, through Saturday, June 8th... while supplies last.

Butcher Shop Television will be broadcasting LIVE from "smack dab in the middle" of Jacobs Meat Market today, Wednesday, at 10:30am. You can watch the live broadcast on our YouTube Channel. If you can't make the live broadcast, no worries - the recorded video will be available via YouTube and shared on Facebook. You'll not miss a moment of the merriment!

Tune in this week for a re-cap of the weekly specials, banter, shenanigans, and to find out who won last week's contest! Will there be a new contest this week? AbsoLUKEly!

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Iron Man stops the bad guys.
Aluminum Man foils their plans.