Weekly Specials Good June 26 to June 29 While Supplies Last

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!
Did you miss me?

I'm typing these words from about 35,000 feet somewhere over Ohio. Yes, I am returning to Appleton! I do hope that the market, Fox Valley, and you in particular managed a few days without me. By the time you read these words I will be home. Joy!

At this point, I would usually throw in a segue like, "Speaking of joy, wait until you see this week's specials at the Meat Market!" I would then list the specials that are sure to bring you joy. This week, however, because I was out of state, I did not create the specials and cannot list them. I can guess that there will be two Brats of the Week. If Eric was involved in the specials there will surely be something sweet. If Nate had input, I'm sure there will be something chicken, something beef, and something pork. Whatever they are, I'm sure you'll want a bit of some and a large amount of two or three!

I'll be texting these words to Eric who will put together the Meat Market Mailer and the Specials page at JacobsMeatMarket.com. Personally, I receive the Meat Market Mailer so I'll see the specials first thing Wednesday morning. I can't wait!

Stop in this week when you have a chance. It feels as if I've been gone forever - and I can't wait to see you!

Standard Disclaimer: These specials are valid today, Wednesday, June 26th, through Saturday, June 29th... while supplies last.

It's good to be home!

Butcher Shop Television will be broadcasting LIVE from "smack dab in the middle" of Jacobs Meat Market today, Wednesday, at 10:30am. You can watch the live broadcast on our YouTube Channel. If you can't make the live broadcast, no worries - the recorded video will be available via YouTube and shared on Facebook. You'll not miss a moment of the merriment!

Tune in this week for a re-cap of the weekly specials, banter, shenanigans, and to find out who won last week's contest! Will there be a new contest this week? AbsoLUKEly!

What's small, red, and has a rough voice?

A hoarse radish!