Weekly Specials Good June 19 to June 22 While Supplies Last

If Luke were here, he'd say:
Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

He'd probably also say:
I hope you all had a fantastic Father's Day!

But Luke's not here. Luke's in Florida!
So allow me...

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic Father's Day!

And I also hope that you are managing well with our current heat wave. I chuckled a bit when I learned Luke was going to Florida because I thought, "Who wants to go where it's so hot and so humid?" Serves me right for chuckling as the heat and humidity has found me!

Speaking of heat, we've got some HOT specials this week, made even HOTTER by the fact that the Meat Market Employees have taken advantage of Luke's absence to play around (as in lower) prices! Have a look-see!

We've got Boneless Country-Style Pork Ribs, USDA Choice California Tri Tips, Jacobs Own Smoked Braunschweiger, Jacobs Own Peppered Beef Jerky, Fresh All Natural Boneless Chicken Thighs, and Sliced-to-Order Turkey Breast Lunchmeat - all at prices that you're sure to enjoy!

For Brats of the Week we're featuring Jacobs Own Chicken Cordon Bleu Brats and Jacobs Own Taco Brats. Both are so good, you'll need a few of each!

Luke may be gone, but the A/C is on. Stop by when you have time. We'd love to see you and share a smile!

These specials are valid today, Wednesday, June 19th, through Saturday, June 15th... while supplies last.

Butcher Shop Television will be broadcasting LIVE from "smack dab in the middle" of Jacobs Meat Market today, Wednesday, at 10:30am. You can watch the live broadcast on our YouTube Channel. If you can't make the live broadcast, no worries - the recorded video will be available via YouTube and shared on Facebook. You'll not miss a moment of the merriment!

Tune in this week for a re-cap of the weekly specials, banter, shenanigans, and to find out who won last week's contest! Will there be a new contest this week? AbsoLUKEly!

Fall is the most beautiful time in Florida.

All the license plates start changing colors.