Weekly Specials good 8/17-8/20/2022 or while supplies last!

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This week we have a number of great sale items from Frozen Sea Scallops and Fresh Cordon Bleu Stuffed Chicken Breasts (Ham & Swiss with Bacon around them) to USDA Choice Boneless Chuck Roasts and Boneless Country-style Pork Ribs.  We also have Wisconsin Longhorn Colby Cheese, Chicken Tenders and, of course, our Brats of the Week: Jacobs own Taco Brats and Jacobs own Mushrooms & Swiss Brats!
Come on in and check out all the deals!!

A man was on trial for murder and if convicted, would get the life imprisonment. His brother found out that an Irish man was on the jury and figured he would be the one to bribe. He told the Irish man that he would be paid $10,000 if he could convince the rest of the jury to reduce the charge to manslaughter.
The jury was out an entire week and returned with a verdict of manslaughter.
After the trial, the brother went to the Irish man's house, told him what a great job he had done and paid him the $10,000.
The Irish man replied, "It wasn't easy to convince the rest of the jury to change the charge to manslaughter. They all wanted to let him off."