Weekly Specials good 6/1-6/4/2022 or while supplies last!

 Hello Everyone!

This week brings great specials for grilling!!  We have great brats (Jacobs own Chicken Brats and Jacobs own Sriracha & Onion Brats), Jacobs own Chicken Italian Sausage, and Bacon-wrapped Beef Tenderloins all at great prices.  If you want to get the smoker going, we have Bone-in AND Boneless Beef Short Ribs and Porketta Roasts on sale as well.  Rounding out the sale items this week are Jacobs own Ring Liver Sausage and Jacobs own Peppered Beef Jerky.

The new associate pastor, nervous about hearing confessions asks an older priest to listen in. Several penitents later, his mentor offers a few suggestions. “Cross your arms over your chest and rub your chin with one hand,” he says. “Try saying things like, ‘I see, yes, go on. I understand. How did you feel about that?”
The new priest tries out the words and gestures. The old priest says, “Good, now, don’t you think that's a little better than slapping your knee and saying, ‘No way! You did what?'"