Weekly Specials good 7/14-7/17/2021 or while supplies last!

 Hello Everyone!

This week we have some great specials on "easy" Summertime meals!  We have Boneless Chuck Roasts which are great for putting in a crockpot and sticking in the garage so it doesn't heat up the house, we have some Natural Casing Wieners great for just boiling on the stovetop or grilling outside, and we have our delicious Smoked Pork Chops, easy to panfry or grill as well.  Tasty meals done with little effort!  We have our Door County Cherry marinated Chicken Breasts on sale for $4.69lb.  Our Brats of the Week are Jacobs own Chili Cheese Brats and Jacobs own Philly Cheese Brats, both great options.

Two blondes, Jane and Sarah, were deep in a philosophical argument.
"Since you're so damned smart," Sarah says, "answer this question: why is it that when a slice of buttered bread falls to the ground, it's bound to fall on the buttered side?" 
Jane snorts, "It doesn't always land on the buttered side. Here, I'll prove it." She gets out the loaf of bread from the cupboard. Out comes the butter from the fridge. She generously butters the bread. Then she drops it. Butter side up. 
"Ha-ha! See?!"
"You think you're so smart. You just buttered the wrong side of the bread!"