Weekly Specials good 12/9-12/12/2020 or while supplies last!

 Hello Everyone!

This week brings us great specials on Pork Steaks, Beef Soup Bones, and Jacobs-own Hot Italian Sausages.  Along with those great items, we also have Widmer's Brick Cheese (our top-selling cheese), Frozen Ground Veal and Frozen Wild Haddock Loins on sale too!
We are still taking orders for your holiday meat needs: Beef Tenderloin, Prime Rib, Jacobs own Bone-in Hams, Boneless Pit Hams, Jacobs own Kielbasa and on and on.  Don't forget about the famous Pickled Herring!

The first-grade teacher was showing pictures of animals to her students to see how many they could name. She held up a picture of a lamb, and a little girl said, "That's a sheep!"

"That's right!" said the teacher. "How about THIS one?" she said, holding up a picture of the king of beasts.

"That's a lion!" answered a little boy.

"Right!" said the teacher. Then she held up a picture of a deer. No one volunteered an answer. She tried to help. "What does your mother call your father?"

Johnny said, "I know! That's a lazy old goat!"