Thanksgiving Week 2020

 Hello Everyone! 
We are living in some strange times!  We will be CLOSED for IN-STORE purchases this week, Monday-Wednesday.  We will be available in the parking lot for curbside pickups, whether it's your turkey order, or you just need 4 Wieners, or whatever you need.  You can always add to your order when you get here.

The procedure is as follows:
1. Pull in an open parking space in the parking lot.
2. Wait in your car for a Jacobs employee with yellow vest on to come to you.
3. Give them the name on your order, and what you ordered.
4. Wait for us to come back out with your items and pay for it when we get back to your car.
5. Please be a grateful Turkey, we're doing our best to keep everyone safe. :)

                            HAPPY THANKSGIVING from all of us here at Jacobs Meat Market