Weekly Specials good 9/30-10/3/2020 or while supplies last!

 Hello Everyone!

We have another great week of specials from Pork Butts and Sirloin Steaks to Whole or Cut-up Chickens, 

Jacobs own Mild Italian Sausage, German Potato Salad and Jacobs own Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Links.  Our Brats of the Week are Jacobs own Mushroom & Swiss and Jacobs own Buffalo-style Chicken Brats.

A blonde goes horseback riding.
The ride starts out slow, then goes faster, and faster.
The blonde starts to slip off the horse, but gets her foot stuck in the reins, and soon finds herself upside down hanging under the horse. 
The horse doesn't stop, and the blonde keeps getting dragged upside down.  She doesn't know what to do until the department store operator came out and unplugged it.