Week of 4/29-5/2/2020!

Hello Everyone!

This is another week where we are uncertain on the supply of a lot of things.  We are well-stocked in our supplies, however that could change with an order or two.  We are holding our own with respect to keeping prices where they have been, but don't know how long to anticipate that. We are trying to keep the prices for as long as we can without changing them. 

We are offering curbside pickup still, which is working really well for a LOT of people!  Call ahead (920.733.1031) with your order, we call you when it's all done and you can pay for it.  Then come on down and we put it in the back of your car!

That said, we do have one special this week!  We have USDA Choice Boneless Beef Short Ribs for just $5.99lb!  While supplies last!

Mr. Dewey was briefing his client, who was about to testify in his own defense. "You must swear to tell the complete truth. Do you understand?" 
The client replied that he did. The lawyer then asked, "Do you know what will happen if you don't tell the truth?"
The client looked back and said, "I imagine that our side will win."