HOT Lunches for the week of April 13th! We're Back!

Hello Everyone!
We're BACK!!  We're making some great lunches to help you get out of the house and have someone else cook for you this week!  We have Turkey on Monday, Sloppy Joes on Tuesday, Excellent Chicken Alfredo on Wednesday, BBQ Pork Sliders on Thursday and Deep Fried Shrimp on Friday!

Our chef said that it's too early to start making meals again, and I want to prove that people are ready for the meals again!  If you would like curbside, we will certainly bring it out to your vehicle, but if you want to come in the store, you are certainly
welcome to do that. Just give us a call at 920.733.1031!

Entrees are $8.99 as always, and the amazing soups
are just $3.00/cup.