Anniversary Sale Items 10/9-10/12/2019 OR WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!

Hello Everyone!

This is the week we say Thank You!!  to you, the customer for supporting us for the last 74 years!  For if it
 weren't for you, we wouldn't be in business.  We would be leaning on a shovel, or sitting behind a desk, or driving a school bus.  But, because of YOU, we are able to provide this supportive community with the best products in the valley and provide you with the best service in the valley.  Thank you for supporting 3 generations of Jacobs'!
This week we have a plethora of things on sale including: Ground Chuck, Jumbo Chicken Legs, Chicken Breasts, Wieners, Bologna, USDA Choice Boneless Ribeyes, Meatballs, Chicken Nuggets, and much more!  We are also having samples all week, and free Piece of Cake Friday and Saturday (While supplies last).  Come on in and help us celebrate us being in business since 1945!!

Wife: can you to give me a ring for our wedding anniversary
Husband: sure , why not
Wife: can you give it to me like a surprise when i'm at work, i want everyone to know.
Husband: sure
Wife: on Friday morning we have a huge meeting and everyone at work will be there. i think that would be a good time .
Husband: sure. keep your phone in full volume