Weekly Specials good 3/6-3/9/2019 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!!

Happy Lent!  Because it is that time of year, we will be having a variety of Fresh Fish and other seafood
available until Easter!  We were actually voted Best Seafood Market in the Valley last year!  We get our seafood from trusted sources.  The same sources we have had since my dad was purchasing seafood.  This week, for instance, we have Fresh Lake Erie Lake Perch for $12.99lb, and Fresh Canadian Walleye for $11.99lb.  We also have frozen Canadian Salmon at $29.99 for 5# box and Icelandic Haddock for $7.99lb or $34.99/5# box.  If you're not that much into fish, we have Jacobs own Braunschweiger, Jacobs own Cajun Andouille, Fresh, Loin Lamb Chops and Porketta Roasts.  The Porketta Roast is a Boneless Pork Butt with Italian Porketta Seasonings.  They are great in the crockpot.

A new business was opening and one of the owner's friends wanted to send him flowers for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card, which said: "Rest in Peace."
The owner was angry and called the florist to complain. After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist replied:
"Sir, I'm really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry, you should imagine this - somewhere, there is a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying: 'Congratulations on your new location!'"