Weekly Specials good 2/6-2/9/2019 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!

An exciting week of sale items including Jacobs own Maple Syrup Breakfast Links, Italian Marinated
 Boneless Chicken Breasts, Natural Angus Sirloin Steaks and Jacobs own Mild Italian Sausage.  We also have Yuengling Beer-Battered Haddock for just $4.99lb! Lastly, but certainly not Least(ly), we have Jacobs own Hawaiian Brats with Pineapples and Teriyaki Seasoning; Jacobs own Chicken Club Roasts too, for 5.49lb.  The Club Roast is basically a Chicken Breast stuffed with Ham, Turkey, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.

Quick shout-out to the people that were looking for a
low-carb lunch, we added THIS Thursday's HOT Lunch as a low-carb option from 11-2.  If you would like to order a pickup for a certain time, let us know.

There was a religious woman who had to do a lot of traveling for her business. Flying made her very nervous, so she always took her Bible along with her.
One time, she was sitting next to a man. When he saw her pull out her Bible, he gave a little chuckle and smirk and went back to what he was doing.
After awhile, he turned to her and asked, "You don't really believe all that stuff in there do you?"
The woman replied, "Of course I do. It is the Bible."
He said, "Well, what about that guy that was swallowed by that whale?"
She replied, "Oh, Jonah. Yes, I believe that, it is in the Bible."
He asked, "Well, how do you suppose he survived all that time inside the whale?"
The woman said, "Well, I don't really know. I guess when I get to heaven, I will ask him."
"What if he isn't in heaven?" the man asked sarcastically.
"Then you can ask him," replied the woman.