Bratwurst Extravaganza 2018 Part 1!

Hello Everyone!!

It's finally the week you've all been waiting for....Bratwurst Extravaganza 2018 Part I!  This is the week you can try 1 or 2 of each kind and try for yourself and see what kind is YOUR favorite!

From Bacon Brats, and Chicken Fajita Brats to Mushroom & Swiss and Taco Brats!  So many flavors, so little time to try them all! :)  The flavors should be pretty self-explanatory as to what they taste like. :)  They are all made fresh right here at Jacobs Meat Market.

A man goes to see the Rabbi. "Rabbi, something terrible is happening and I have to talk to you about it." 
The Rabbi asked, "What's wrong?" 
The man replied, "My wife is poisoning me." 
The Rabbi, very surprised by this, asks, "How can that be?" 
The man then pleads, "I'm telling you, I'm certain she's poisoning me. What should I do?" 
The Rabbi then offers, "Tell you what. Let me talk to her. I'll see what I can find out and I'll let you know." 
A week later the Rabbi calls the man and says. "I spoke to your wife...spoke to her on the phone for three hours. You want my advice?" 
The man said yes, and the Rabbi replied, "Take the poison!"