Specials good 9/13-9/16/2017 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!

Another great week of specials highlighted by Fresh, Wild Gulf Shrimp and Boneless Pork Roasts and
Chops!  We also have Baby Beef Liver, Pre-cooked Meatballs for the Sunday Night Game and Beef Short Ribs for great prices.  Our Brats of the Week are Chili Cheese & Fresh Chorizo (which, I'm told is better than any other grocery store in the area).
This week, we also have Best of the Valley voting for the Post Crescent.  If you would like to vote for us, and let other readers, etc. know what meat market you think is the best in the valley, VOTE HERE. Just put your name and address in and you can vote for different categories for goods and services in the area including "Best Food & Spirits" and sub categories like "Best Butcher Shop/Meat Department."  We appreciate the confidence you have in us each time you come here!

Two men were hunting deer when a large bear rears up and begins to charge them.
The one man puts his running shoes on and begins to run with the other man.
The second man asks why he put them on because it won't help him out-run the bear.
He said "I don't need to out-run the bear I need to out-run you."