Specials good 5/17-5/20/2017 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!!

This week we have some great specials including Whole or half Pork Butts, Fresh Chicken Drumsticks at
99¢ per pound, Hard Salami at $4.99lb and Jacobs own Mettwurst also!  Along with those great sale items, we also have Jacobs own Chicken Wieners and our Brats of the Week: Gummi Bear OR Taco Brats on sale too.  This week, though, I'd like to highlight the California Tri Tips.  They come off of the bottom part of the Sirloin and have great flavor!  You grill them on the grill for about 45 minutes over a low-medium heat on top of an aluminum sheet!  They're simply excellent!

There was a pretty nurse named Shirley who broke her engagement to a doctor.
She was explaining everything to a friend.
"Do you mean to say," exclaimed Suzy, "that the bum asked you to give back the ring and all his presents?"
"Not only that," said Shirley, "he sent me a bill for 37 visits!"