Specials good 8/24-8/27/2016 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!!

Well, back to "normal" this week!!  :)  We have Ground Chuck on sale this week along with Boneless Country-style Pork Ribs, Jacobs own Blood Sausage (Plain or Sweet with Brown Sugar and Raisins), Frozen Walleye Pike, and our Brats of the Week (Taco OR Beer Brats).  Two things that I would like to highlight this week are our Natural Casing Wieners and our Pork Tenderloins!  I just found an old ad from 1989 (I know that's not that old for our store) talking about how they made the Wieners, and realized that I couldn't have worded it any better!  Take a look at the attached ad to see the way that we STILL make the Wieners!!  Disregard the price, but I thought it would be nice to see an old-time ad! :)
  As for the Pork Tenderloins, we have Fresh, All Natural Pork Tenderloins for $2.00/lb OFF! If you look at a lot of Pork Tenderloins on the market, a lot of them have a "Solution to enhance the Tenderness" so you're paying a lot of money for a solution added to the Pork. The Pork Tenderloins that we get are 100% Pork!  No water, no Solution, no Hormones or anything!\

One day a blonde's house catches fire so she calls the police in a panic and says, "My house is on fire hurry!"
The person on the other end responds "Ma'am, calm down and tell me where you are."
She yells back "My house! Come to my house!"
The person now annoyed says "We need more than that, how are we supposed to find you?"
The blonde gets mad and says "With your big red trucks!"