Specials good 1/27-1/30/2016 or while supplies last!

Hello Everyone!

Well, people do different things throughout the year...some people grill year-round (and there's something
about a steak or a burger in the dead of Winter that makes it taste that much better), and some people like to deep-fry things (like fish) and some people only know how to bake things (which is nice this time of year;makes the house smell nice and heats the house).  We have everything on sale you need this week!  We have Boneless Pork Loin Roasts, Walleye Pike Fillets, and Natural Angus Sirloin Steaks on sale through Saturday.  The Natural Angus Sirloin Steaks are a great treat in our house!  This is the same Sirloin we carry the rest of the year, and is a big hit for a LOT of customers.  They are started off Grass-fed, and then moved to a vegetable-fed diet for the last 90 days, only because when you 100% Grass-feed a Beef, they tend to be a little strong-tasting.  For Jacobs-own sausages this week, we have our Mettwurst (Similar to Kielbasa), Chicken Snack Sticks (Great flavored snack), Ring Liver Sausage (Great cold or warmed), and Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Links.  Last item that I'm going to touch on is the Chicken Tenders.  These actually come from the breast of the Chicken and are little strips that can be used in stir fry, fajitas, or even just breaded as chicken fingers.

Ole lived across the Minnesota River from Clarence Bunsen, whom he didn't like at all. They were yelling across the river at each other all the time.
Ole would yell to Clarence, "If I had a vay to cross dis river, I'd come ofver dere an beat you up good, yeah sure ya betcha by golly!"
This went on for years. Finally, the state built a bridge across the river right there by their houses.
Ole's wife, Lena , says, "Now iss yer chance, Ole. Vhy doncha go over dere and beat up dat Clarence like you said you vud?"
Ole replied, "OK, by yimminy, I tink I vill do yust dat!"
Ole started for the bridge, but he saw a sign on the bridge and stopped to read it, then turned around and came back home.
Lena asked, "Vhy did you come back?"
Ole said, " Lena , I tink I changed my mind 'bout beatin' up dat Clarence. You know, vhen I yell at him from across da river he don't look so big. But dey put a sign on da bridge dat says "Clearence is 13 ft. 6 In."