Valentine Specials good 2/12-2/15/2014 or while supplies last

Hello Everyone!

Well, it's Valentine's Week this week and we have some money-saving options for you if you don't want to
try and get a table at your favorite restaraunt!  Starting with Fresh Norwegian Salmon (coming today around 3:00), and heading to Heart-shaped Ribeyes and Tenderloin Filets (regular and Bacon-wrapped)!!  Also this week, just like the week of the holidays, we have the famous Flower Girl!  She will be here with her amazing one-of-a-kind flowers for you to take home to your special someone!  If you would like to contact her early and just have her bring them to the store on Friday all set to go, give her a call at 920.284.7292 or visit her website at let her know what you're looking for or how much you want to spend.  Like I said, she'll be here on Friday with some arrangements that will amaze if you're not the "planner" type (Like me ;)).

A Cub Scout found a frog that said, “Kiss me and I will become a beautiful princess.” The boy studied the frog, then put it in his pocket. “Hey,” the frog croaked, “how come you didn’t kiss me?” “I’d rather have a talking frog than a princess any day!”

During World War II my parents had planned a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding. Suddenly my father, then stationed at Camp Edwards in Massachusetts, received orders to prepare to ship out, and all leaves were canceled. Being a young man in love, he went AWOL. He and my mother were married four days earlier than originally planned and he returned to base to an angry sergeant. After hearing the explanation, the sergeant understandingly replied, “Okay, okay!” Then, as an afterthought: “But don’t let it happen again!”