2022 Turkey Ordering

It's about that time of year!  The holiday season is upon us!  Before we start thinking about that Christmas holiday season, we have to think about Thanksgiving!  I've been asked to talk about our turkeys that we get for Thanksgiving as well as for Christmas.
The Turkeys that we get for the holidays are a Fresh, Gluten-Free, All-Natural Turkey with no hormones.  Ours are raised on an Amish farms in Iowa.  A lot of people ask if the turkeys are local...well this is about as local as I can get.  We've had a LOT of luck with this company and they have never let us down!  We have been getting turkeys from the same place for more than 30 years!  We could purchase different turkeys that are less expensive, but this is a quality turkey and I'd rather have that than a cheap turkey that people won't like.  The cost of the Turkeys this year is UP!  It's up because of the Avian Flu that has been hitting TONS of Turkey Farms in the United States, making the supply very low and the demand the same.  This year the price of the Fresh Turkeys is $3.79lb.  The Turkeys are anywhere from 8-28lbs.  I would ask that you reserve your turkey NOW because then we would be more likely to have the exact size that you're looking for for your Thanksgiving meal.
If you have already ordered your Fresh Turkey, thank you!
Just give us a call or CLICK HERE to order yours online (New feature this year).

We also carry other poultry including, but not limited to: 
Organic Turkeys (12-14#), Roasting Chickens,  Turkey Ducks (Muscovy Ducks), Turducken Rolls (already stuffed), Ducks (5-6#), Geese (8-10#) and Turkey Breasts (5-8lbs, 8-10lbs, or 10-12lbs.)

Order NOW before we're all sold out!
Thanks a lot!