Order your Easter Ham today!

Hello again Everyone!

This is your friendly reminder to order your Fresh-Smoked Easter Ham today!!  These Hams are out-of-this-world excellent!  They are smoked right in our smokehouses and have always been the hit of the party!  We have them Bone-in or Boneless.  You can get pretty-much whatever size you want in Bone-in from 4-12lb halves, or whole Hams between 15-19lbs.  The Boneless Pit Smoked Hams come around 8-10lbs whole, but you can get any amount of that since they're boneless.  The boneless Hams you can get sliced if you'd like, but we can't slice the Bone-in Hams as we don't have the capacity!
Also for Easter offerings we will have Leg-of-Lamb Bone in and Boneless.  We will also have Fresh Loin Lamb Chops.
Prices are as follows:
Bone-in Ham   $3.99lb
Boneless Pit Ham: $4.99lb
Semi-Boneless Lamb Leg: $8.99lb
Boneless Lamb Leg  $9.99lb

Like always, it's best to order these things ahead of time so we can prepare accordingly.  All you need to e-mail at luke@jacobsmeatmarket.com or reply to this e-mail or call us at 733.1031 with is the:
Phone Number:
Size and style of Ham or Lamb Leg:
Pickup date: