John Hanging Bacon for Smoking

Jacobs Meat Market was started in 1945 by brothers John and Leonard Jacobs.  They started out when grocery stores were on every corner in the city.  In Appleton, there are only a couple of them left...and Jacobs is one of them. 
We have kept the corner grocery store feel to it.  We still smoke our own meat in masonry smokehouses.  We run the smokehouses every day, Monday through Friday with real sawdust.  "It seems that only one butcher shop per city makes it through the tough times and we have been that place for the past 60 years," says Ed Jacobs, the second-generation owner.  Ed and his son, Luke (who is the third-generation owner) are managing to stay afloat among all of the other butcher shops that have fallen around them.
Inside Jacobs, you'll find pictures of the past as well as the present.  We have pictures of the store when John and Leonard first bought it in 1945.  We also have pictures when it was remodeled in the late 1950s.  The inside of the store was recently remodeled as well including new meat cases, new produce cases and a new freezer section.  We managed to maintain the "old" feel to it, but just had to make some updates to keep costs down and keep up with the times.  Besides those two remodeling jobs, the store is the same...same German recipes, same fresh cuts of meat, same "butcher" feeling...with jokes and personalized service you don't find anywhere else.